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30 Best Dog Hashtags For 2021

Using the right hashtags on Instagram can increase the reach of your posts. This applies to all types of accounts. I experience this every day on my own dog’s account.

However, I also see that many accounts leave the possibility to post hashtags unused or do not apply it in the correct way.

For those accounts, and of course for you to grow your dog’s Instagram, I have posted the best dog hashtags in this article.
Brindle Redactie

Brindle Redactie

A D V E R T E N T I E 

A D V E R T E N T I E 

Research has shown that a post with at least one hashtag has 12.6% more reach than posts without a hashtag. (source: )

Especially for you, I have picked out which hashtags are used the most and how you can get the most out of these hashtags and some directly applicable tips to grow your dog’s Instagram account.

Below is an example of the number of extra views you can get by applying hashtags.

But first: What are Instagram hashtags?

Hashtags are topics that you can add to your post on Instagram to increase the reach of your photo. These hashtags can be added to a post or posted in the comments. (later more on that)

People can then click on these hashtags to discover more of the same content. The number of posts, popular posts and recent posts under that hashtag are shown. A unique opportunity to generate more reach.

Users can also subscribe to their favorite hashtags. By clicking on the hashtag you will see a blue “Follow” button. If you click on that, you subscribe to that specific hashtag and posts with this hashtag will appear in your Instagram timeline.

List of 30 of the best dog hashtags

These are the most used Instagram hashtags for dogs, behind the hashtag you will find the number of posts that use that hashtag.



Number of posts (millions)


The above hashtags are the most used hashtags for dogs worldwide, you can copy them directly and add them to your message.

Filter out the least relevant hashtags and add your dog’s breed or theme of that day, such as Tongue Out Tuesday (#TongueOutTuesday).

Please note that you do not use more than 30 hashtags, as this is the maximum number of hashtags under which your message can be displayed.

Where do I put the hashtags with my post?

You can put the hashtags in two places. the first option is to post them directly in your message. In that case they are always visible.

You also have the choice to post them in a comment. This is my personal preference, because then you keep your message nice and clean.

Want to keep it completely clean and make them invisible? then place 4 or 5 dots above the hashtags and they will disappear into the background. See the photo below for an example.

A D V E R T I S M E N T 

Various hashtag strategies you can apply

By using the above hashtags you ensure that you take part in the masses. Sometimes this is a good strategy, for example if you already have a larger account with a lot of interaction.

For the smaller accounts or the starters, it is advisable not to start immediately with these hashtags. In this case, choose a number of keywords where there is less competition. This way you have a better chance of being shown with the popular posts of the hashtag. A boost in interaction is then guaranteed.

Where can I find the best hashtags for my post?

I personally use to find the best or most relevant hashtags. This is a handy tool for finding the best hashtags . There are of course also other tools that you can easily find via Google.

Once you’ve found the right mix of hashtags, save them in a note on your phone so you can easily find and copy them to Instagram anytime.

Other tips we can give you for growing your dog’s Instagram account:

Write in English

Instagram is a global platform and most of the users speak English. It is therefore wise to translate your message into English for the best result.

Isn’t English your main language? Then use Google Translate. Translate is pretty good at translating these days. It is not an essay that you have to submit.

Reactions to followers from your country can of course remain in your own language.


To maximize your reach, it is highly recommended to interact with others. After all, it is a social media platform, where interaction is still the way to gain more exposure.

Try to interact with your current audience, but also try to like or comment on messages from outside your network. This article provides some useful tips on this subject .

Follow similar accounts from your network.

When you follow a new account you will get suggestions to follow similar accounts. These suggestions are ideal for expanding your network.

Do you want to make sure this account follows you back? Then you can try to like the first 10-12 posts and post a comment under 1 post. That way, that person gets a “wall” of your likes and you stand out extra with that person. Please note, this can be seen as spamming so don’t go crazy.

What tips do you use to grow your dog’s Instagram account? Let us know in a comment below or comment below this post on Instagram!


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